We know that our customers usually want more flexibility into the cleaning schedule that most window cleaners do not offer.  With the use of the latest scheduling software, Atomic Services can offer any interval period and we are also happy to complete one off cleans!  The higher the frequency, however, the cheaper the cost.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can arrange for a visit to quote.

The safest and most efficient way for us to clean is to use a water-fed pole system with de-ionised.  This method is also more cost effective for our customers, by being quicker for us to clean and keeping windows cleaner for longer.  We would always recommend this method in the first instance, but in some cases the traditional method may be preferred to get the desired finish.

Water-fed pole (WFP) systems are a mobile set up that requires, a water tank, a pump, a cleaning pole and de-ionised water.

The traditional method is referred to when cleaning windows using ladders, squeegees, sponges and detergents.

Water-fed pole (WFP) systems allow the operative to keep their feet on the ground and depending on the length of the pole, can reach windows up to 60ft high! Not having to climb up and down ladders is much safer and dramatically reduces the risk of injury and potential damage to property. WFP systems should be used with de-ionised water as this has all the minerals filtered out. This water attracts the ions within the dirt and grime leaving no residue. Not only is the WFP more efficient, the windows stay cleaner for longer and it is much better for the environment as no chemicals detergents are used.

The traditional method is only preferred for certain types of window. Leaded windows are a good example of this. Also certain painted window frames can bleed paint particles onto the windows after they have been rinsed using a WFP leaving residue. Access to some windows may also means that it is more efficient to clean traditionally than setting up the pole system.

The traditional method is always used when cleaning any windows inside of a property as the WFP constantly sprays water.

If you have any other questions regarding any of our services, please fill out the form below, or email us at customer@atomicservices.co.uk