Whether it’s a new extension or a new built property, once the builders have packed up and left, we recommend that the windows are professionally cleaned to remove any paint or cement splatters, especially if they are brand new windows!

Due to the delicacy of the work involved and the time that takes, builders cleans are obviously more expensive, but we know its worth the expense. After spending £000’s on property improvements to improve the inhabitants way of life and usually the value of the property, its essential to maximize the experience by completing the job properly.

As well as working on private residencies, Atomic Services are also set up to clean newly built properties on working construction sites and can fulfil all the necessary heath & safety requirements.

If you are interested in finding out how much we will charge to complete your build, or for any of our other services, you can request a quotation by phoning us on               01403 586069, emailing us at customer@atomicservices.co.uk or by completing the form within the Contact Us section.