Wall cladding and weatherboards (siding) are the first line of defence of the external walls of a building. It protects the building from effects of sun, rain and snow and also from heat and cold. Even though masonry walls do not usually need siding, siding can added to any wall. Cladding can enhance the look of the building. All framed walls are sided externally.

Weatherboarding is a form of external cladding. Traditionally, timber weatherboards were used, but today you can choose uPVC and fibre cement planks with the visual appeal of natural timber. They are available as the traditional overlap or as flush cladding, depending on the finish you desire.

Over time the environment can stain these and can become very noticeable and make a property look very tired. The de-ionised water used to give windows an incredible shine also works incredibly well cleaning uPVC weatherboards.

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