Sparkling windows really do help to bring the outside in and we take pride in improving the look and feel of our clients property’s. We will be transparent from the start regarding the price & service and tailor this to give your windows the optimal clean at intervals that suit you!

Some cleaning companies force their customers into cleaning their windows as often as every 4 weeks! Not us, we understand that hardly any customers want their windows cleaning so regularly, so we offer cleaning at any time interval and even one-off cleans!

To keep your windows clean all year round we recommend that your windows are cleaned every 6 to 8 weeks, however this is up to you and whatever period is agreed this can be changed at any time. It is worth noting that the more frequent the cleaning is, the charge for each visit will be less due to it being quicker to clean.

Although window cleaning is a relatively simple task, to complete the job efficiently with a streak free finish is a skill whether a water-fed pole (WFP) system or a sponge and squeegee is being used.

The type of window, the frame, the layout of the windows and access to them will also have an impact on the best way to clean. And if any of our clients are unhappy with the finish then we hope they will relay this to us so that we can re-attend and work out why we haven’t achieved the desired finish.

Water-Fed Pole or Traditional cleaning?

The traditional way to clean windows was to use a sponge and a squeegee and run up and down a ladder. Most window cleaners now use mobile water-fed pole systems where possible, so what are the advantages of each method?

Water-fed Pole:

Water-fed pole (WFP) systems allow the operative to keep their feet on the ground and depending on the length of the pole, can reach windows up to 60ft high! Not having to climb up and down ladders is obviously much safer for us and dramatically reduces the risk of injury and potential damage to property. WFP systems should be used with de-ionised water. De-ionised water has had all its minerals filtered out. This attracts the ions within the dirt and grime which is why, after rinsing, no residue is left, only a crystal-clear shine. Not only is it more efficient than using tap water it is much better for the environment as no chemicals detergents are used. Its a win win!

Traditional Method:

Traditionally windows have been cleaned using ladders, squeegees, sponges and detergents. Now we use the WFP system where ever possible, but occasionally to achieve the desired finish, we will still need to buckle up and use the traditional tools. This may be down to the type of windows i.e. leaded windows. Also certain painted window frames can also bleed paint particles onto the windows after they have been rinsed using a WFP leaving residue. Also sometimes access means that it is more efficient than setting up the pole system.

The traditional method, however, is still always used when cleaning any windows inside of a property for obvious reasons.


If you have any more questions then check out our FAQs, but if not, what are you waiting for!?

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