A conservatory is a room designed to bring the outside in and therefore they benefit the most from regular cleaning. In our experience however, most owners neglect the cleaning of the conservatory roof! The side/vertical windows of a conservatory are generally easy to clean and are always included in a standard window cleaning quotation. The external roof windows though are not so easy and are also bombarded by birds and the environment

We understand, however, why owners do not clean them as frequently as they would like as a quote to clean the frames and achieve a crystal-clear finish, even to the smallest roofs, will cost £60 and upwards depending on the condition of the windows. Once you commit and give us the go ahead though, the moment you walk back into that room and see and feel the results you will agree that it is money well spent!

If you are interested in finding out how much we will charge to clean your conservatory roof, or for any of our other services, you can request a quotation by phoning us on 01403 586069, emailing us at customer@atomicservices.co.uk or by completing the form within the Contact Us section.